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Louisa Warren Jewellery is here to immerse you in the beauty of enamel jewellery. In the form of delicate windows of colour, each piece is designed to reflect the beauty of it's surroundings. Imagined, designed, and crafted by Louisa in her Surrey studio, she draws on the endless inspiration provided by the natural world. Within each design you will find a link to a moment of natural beauty ... a stylised leaf form, a fluttering wing, a blend of colours found in a sunset. Distilled from the wild, the craft and the wearer, and coming together to create the essence of natural beauty.


Finding a path through art diplomas and craft degrees, Louisa has been fully immersed in the world of jewellery for a decade. While traditional qualifications have laid the foundations, working in this historic yet ever-changing industry has provided the most teaching. Being able to handle, appreciate and work on jewels of all shapes, sizes and stories has led her to now. Now this love for the art of fine jewellery, and experience of the power jewellery can hold, has led to the beginning of Louisa Warren Jewellery.


A flavour of the process and the wide variety of inspiration that can be drawn from. You will see influences here not just from the natural world but also how it has been interpreted over time, for example in architecture, graphics and print, textiles and of course jewellery.

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