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What is enamel?

Louisa's work often involves vitreous enamel, a fine jewellery technique that is a technically challenging as it is beautiful. Not to be confused with cold enamel or resin, this process results in a layer of glass either on the surface of or suspended in between the metal. Glass, usually coloured by metal oxides, is crushed to a powder and applied in different ways to the metal of the piece. This is fired in a kiln, with a working temperature of around 850 degrees centigrade, when the enamel and metal fuse. Multiple applications and firings are required, especially in the case of plique-a-jour enamel where by the enamel is suspended in open cells and the temperatures and firing times must be controlled closely to prevent over or underfiring as the cell is filled.

There is no other fine jewellery technique that allows this creative and extensive application of colour and while the process can be frustrating, the outcome is durable, precious and beautiful. Each miniature window will be one-of-a-kind, creating unique colour... by nature.

Jewellery Care

Vitreous enamel is bonded to the metal at high temperatures in a technique that has been used for centuries. Ancient examples of this technique still exist today, but to help your piece last just as long, find Louisa's top jewellery care tips below:


Some of my pieces will be more suited to everyday wear than others, just ask if you would like more information. In all cases, it is best to avoid to many direct knocks to the glass as possible so please remove your jewellery when taking part in physical activity.


Silver will tarnish a little over time, so a quick dip in a silver cleaner or wipe with a silver cloth will restore it to it's former glory. Please remember whatever cleaning product you use to give the piece a good rinse in clean water afterwards as some chemicals can effect enamel over time. Other than that, a very gentle wash in lukewarm water and a touch of washing up liquid will always work well. Always rinse and dry well to keep tarnish at bay.


Keep in your best jewellery box, in a drawer, or my favourite - on display, preferably with light shining through them so you can enjoy even when they aren't being worn. Just remember to make sure they can't be crushed or exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Final tips

From my experience showering and swimming doesn't really do any piece of jewellery much good, so I would recommend taking them off. Enamel can be effected by chemicals so avoid them coming into contact with lots of perfume, hairspray, cleaning products etc. If they do, rinse with clean water.

I am always happy to keep my pieces in top condition, so please ask if you think your pieces are in need of a professional clean.

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