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Green and blue enamelled plique-a-jour pendant formed of two circles with cut out details on a chain

Handcrafted contemporary fine enamel

Handmade in the South

Unique colour by nature

The art of enamelling has existed for hundreds of years and it is this skill passed down the generations that inspires my need to showcase this exceptional media. By nature, the methods and materials are wide and varied meaning each piece is truly unique. Inspired by blends of colour found in the natural world, the windows of enamel can be vibrant and striking or delicate and subtle, so they enhance and metals and gemstones alongside them and compliment the wearer in turn.  -  Louisa

Bespoke designs

Modern Jewels

Find my first full collection Modern Jewels exclusively at Graham & Co. Jewellers, Farnham. Inspired by wings of a damsel fly these delicate individual windows of plique-a-jour enamel provide contemporary and wearable access to an ancient material and craft.

Modern Jewels


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